Business Law

Our firm forms and organizes various businesses from corporations to limited liability companies to general partnership agreements for our clients. Since we also handle business disputes and litigation, we understand that properly forming your business in the beginning goes a long way in avoiding potential personal liability for a poorly or improperly formed business entity. As a result, filing “papers” with the Secretary of State is only one of several steps involved in the process when our firm is requested to assist a client in setting up a new company. From assisting clients in drafting contracts, employment agreements and to the purchase of corporate assets, we work closely with our corporate clients to ensure their needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

Criminal Law

Our firm handles criminal cases in all local courts, including city court, Probate and Superior Court. Whether you have been charged with a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony, we will give your case the personal attention and time it deserves to ensure you have professional and zealous representation.

As with most matters involving litigation, the sooner an attorney is retained, the better. As a result, we often meet with clients shortly after arrest or while still incarcerated. Early representation can help with initial bond conditions and other matters affecting the client’s day to day life while awaiting final disposition. It also allows the attorneys to begin interviewing witnesses and preserving evidence while that matter is fresh on the mind.

Estate Planning and Probate

We believe a well planned estate could save thousands of dollars in legal fees incurred by the estate or beneficiaries where the deceased died without a will or with a bad will. When meeting with us, we will determine what your desired end results are and then work out an estate plan that most efficiently and effectively will reach your goal. This includes, in addition to a well drafted Last Will and Testament, the addition of trusts and particularly trusts where there are minor children receiving gifts, health care directives and drafting powers of attorney. Our firm also works closely with certified public accountants and financial advisors to ensure all aspects of your estate plan are addressed in a manner that best suits your needs.

In Georgia, if you die without a will, then the State of Georgia will decide through established laws how your estate will be divided. If you want to decide who will inherit your estate, then contact us to discuss all of your options. In addition, trusts are not just for the wealthy. There are many ways that a skilled attorney can assist you in ensuring your wishes are clearly defined.  Our firm provides zealous representation to protect the interests of our clients and ensure the estate is fairly and properly handled.

Family Law

Family Law is a broad practice area. We handle adoption cases, divorce actions, custody and child support disputes, modifications of existing court orders, contempt cases where one party to a divorce is not following the court’s order, legitimation actions and grandparent rights. We also defend clients who are pursued by the State for nonpayment of child support and, where appropriate, seek reduction in his or her child support obligations. These type cases may overlap in both Superior and Juvenile Court.

Family law cases normally involve multiple issues that must be carefully considered, from visitation arrangements to the amount of child support paid, debt division and domestic violence issues to name a few. Our firm provides clients with a caring and experienced team approach, working closely with the client, to resolve the issues that may arise.

General Civil

General Civil practice encompasses a broad range of issues. These matters may include such cases as having a problem with your neighbor, to preparing a contract or suing over a breach or violation of a contract, dealing with insurance claims, to matters where a party was negligent in some way and caused harm or injury to another, such as slip and fall case or automobile accidents.

Landlord & Tenant

Our firm has assisted many landlords and tenants over the years with various disputes from not maintaining the property in a good condition or wrongful eviction for the tenants to rent collection and lawsuits to recover monies for property damage. We believe the key to any good landlord and tenant relationship is a well drafted lease agreement. Lease agreements should be customized to the specific needs and expectations of the landlord and thoroughly read, understood and, where appropriate, particular terms negotiated. Having an attorney fully explain the terms of a lease to our tenant clients so he or she understands what is expected under the contract goes a long way in avoiding potential costly and time consuming legal battles later on. Our landlord clients appreciate the value in having an attorney available when questions or issues arise with a tenant as well as to draft customized and specific lease agreements that are appropriate for the needs of the landlord.

Real Estate

Real estate transactions, disputes and litigation comprise a large part of the firm’s practice. Real estate transactions include services such as: the closing of title to real estate; refinances; loan modifications; examination of title and the rendering of legal opinions concerning title; issuance of title insurance; preparation or examination of contracts, preparation of deeds, agreements, easements and covenants; tax deferred exchanges; preparation of or review of residential and commercial lease agreements.

Your investment is important and you deserve the peace of mind in knowing that it is handled in a professional and competent manner.

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